How long do units last?

Units can last from up to 1-2 years with proper professional care. Please note after plucking or processing your unit the hair is no longer virgin. Coloring will change length in time that hair will last. Hot tools and can be used, but also change hair qaulity.

What is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian Hair is unprocessed. The cuticles are aligned and all are running in the same direction. Brazilian Human Hair is hair that hasn’t been chemically processed in any way. 

Each bundle is 3.5OZ 100G each. 3 bundles is enough for average weaving style. 

Please note the longer the bundle. The bundle will be shorter. Hair is measured by weight.  For longer hair lengths you will need to add bundles for the desired style and fullness. 

How Many bundles do I need?

How long is the process to order a unit?

All purchases take 1-2 Days processsing and 3-5 day for shipping.

Can I get my order rushed?

We unfortunately do not offer rush orders.

Bundled extension care?

Treat year she is Latrease bundles as if it were your own hair. It is 100% Brazilian human hair. The hair can be processed and colored. Please know after processing the hair is no longer a virgin. Coloring will change the length in time for hair to last. Hot tools and straightening tools can be used. 

Using them too often will change the length him time he will last. Hair can last 1 to 2 years with proper professional care.

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